The finest and most important of the many portraits show the painter's wife. The wonderful portrait of her as his fiancée begins a series, and is followed by numerous portraits and self-portraits. Up to 1945, the subject of the family concerned him more than any other. In his painting he gives an account of his life and that of his family. Many of his works (oils, drawings, watercolours) show his family as it grew to include nine children. The children are often captured in situations where they feel unobserved, with pencil and charcoal sketches. After 1945, he painted not a single portrait of a member of his family, and only one self-portrait, in 1948.

"The landscape of the soul is the portrait in which a person is deciphered, in which his inner being seems to be brought out. Here Boeckl's world opens its eyes. It becomes personally comprehensible." ( Otto Antonia Graf)

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