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watercolour on paper
Graph. Sammlung
Ahead of his time

Herbert Boeckl was always far ahead of the artistic sense of his time.
It was not until later that many of his works gained - also internationally -
the recognition due to them. Thus there is a blatant discrepancy between the politico-cultural significance allotted to Boeckl in 20th-century Austrian art,
and his international fame.

As early as 1947, Otto Benesch, director of the Albertina, said:

"Boeckl has never made it easy for his contemporaries to understand and accurately judge his work at first sight. Even the friends that have followed his career from the early years have always stood confused, surprised, baffled
by each new change of direction in his art, since any standards for accurate judgement of them seemed to be lacking. It was soon clear to those with any understanding that a great artistic power was at work here - but how were they to know whether it wasn't going quite the wrong way?"
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